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Ron Stebenne

Ron Stebenne’s 6th grade students introduced him to bicycle freestyle.  This introduction became a 3

Ron Stebenne’s 6th grade students introduced him to bicycle freestyle. This introduction became a 30+ year journey into private business and social service. He may best be described as a ‘social entrepreneur’ including years working with youth and families in business and nonprofits.  If you're looking  to build important strategic relationships, develop and manage programs for short term and long term initiatives, explore project  funding options, or mentor youth and young adults in career development, contact him today to find out how his consulting services may use his extensive network to help you, your nonprofit program, or business grow.



In the mid 80's, a Mt. Dew/Pepsico sponsorship led the way to many more corporate sponsorships for action sports events as well as for nonprofit and for-profit projects.  This association with the action sports athletes created numerous opportunities for youth to find work in live shows, TV commercials, movies and more through Freestyle Promotions.


Jason Alder's

Jason Alder is a top teen Legends Car driver in the country. Freestyle Promotions is honored to currently be assisting this exceptional young man as he races toward becoming a NASCAR driver.  Jason is going places and currently exploring partnerships and promotional events through Freestyle Promotions.  Contact us for more information.


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AB Motorsports

The company behind Legends driver, Jason Alder, is AB-Motorsports.  Freestyle promotions is currently entertaining  partnerships for financial and material sponsorships as Jason races toward becoming a NASCAR driver in the near future. Contact us for more information.

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In 2011, the City of Kennesaw hired Freestyle Promotions to help build a 40,000 sq ft skatepark.  Ro

Kennesaw Skatepark

In 2011, the City of Kennesaw contracted Freestyle Promotions to join  their team to build a state of the art, 40,000 sq ft skatepark.  Ron Stebenne introduced the City to TV personality, Rob Dyrdek.  Rob's skate plaza design was selected to build this skatepark used by thousands of skaters each year.

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Welcome Artportunity Knocks!

What we stand for  

Positive Arts - We believe that music and arts should be kept "clean" and positive by omitting lyrics that uses profane words.   Education - We believe that educators should include the arts in their Core Subjects through a model called Arts Integration.  Community Service - We believe that positive arts should be used in the community to spark hope and positive change.  Bridging Cultures through the Vehicle of the Arts
Artportunity Knocks strongly believes that positivity and unity between cultures can be bridged through the vehicles of Music and the Arts.  

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Thank you to all our awesome previous and current clients

Freestyle Promotions is grateful to all current and previous clients including: Pepsico, Mt. Dew Brand Group, Converse, Pro-Tec, Brittania Clothing, Thom McAn Shoes, Hutch Bicycles, Harbro Motors, Whitin Community Center, RadarLive, Inner-City Games, Haro Bikes, GT Bikes, Ringling Brothers, Sea World, Planet X TV, Challenger Films, KRob Foundation, Swift Cantrell Park Foundation, Soccer Club of Oceanside, Darby Foundation, Hollenbeck Youth Center, JSAW Foundation, AMTC, Kennesaw Parks and Recreation,  Battle Creek Skatepark,  Kids Korps USA & more. 


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